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  • Bureau or Outsourced Solutions
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What is

Quickstart Billing?

A feature rich billing system meeting your every need. From entry-level billing systems suitable for start-ups to bespoke solutions for large communication providers processing many millions of records per day.

Anything can be billed. Whatever your size and processing requirements, whether for fixed line, mobile, content, sims, VOIP, ADSL, ISP etc amd much more. We do billing for other industry sectors, including for exaample utilities (water, energy, gas, electricity) maritime for example.

We automate every process where possible, saving time, money and reducing potential for human errors.

Quickstart Billing

PRD offers a refreshing approach to telecoms billing.

As a communications provider your business is complicated and competitive enough. Whether you are a start-up, a large CP, a operator or third party. Your business should not be constrained by the limitations of your billing systems, by inadequate customer service and inappropriately high costs.

Having the right billing system and customer care, means your business can focus on delivering compelling high quality services that will make you stand you out from the competition, giving you the opportunity to differentiate your services to win and retain new business.

Being Different

We offer two man weeks free Quickstart customisation to ensure you get the billing system you want. We have found two weeks is sufficient for most reseller implementation projects.
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Bespoke Systems

We offer virtually unlimited scalability with distributed parallel processing systems. We can interface into your other third party systems where billing is an integral part of cross-functional BSS/OSS architecture. Read more >

Bureau and outsourced billing services

We offer a fully managed bureau / outsourced billing service. This service is particularly suitable to telecom resellers.

Bureau billing is where we perform the full billing administration on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, which is focusing on developing and growing your business. In many cases it can save you on salary and employment related costs.

We can collect the CDR in virtually any format, process the data on your behalf, generate reports and invoices, and issue these to your customers. Invoices can be issued and presented in any format and at any time, individually or as invoice groups. We have a team of billing staff dedicated to providing bureau billing services.

You can still maintain full control over all rate table processing and CRM functions. You can assess and view customer and drill-down invoices and reports remotely, enabling you to keep full control over all customer relationship matters.








Hosted service or your own premises based in-house solutions

Quickstart Billing can be delivered and installed in your premises as an in-house system for you to manage yourselves, with our support.

Alternatively, we can host your version of QuickStart Billing on our servers. This gives you access at all times just as if it was installed at your offices.

There is no extra cost if you prefer us to host your billing system. In some cases hosting can save you money, especially on SQL licence fees for example. However, the options are yours and we let you decide what you want.